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Technolgy week 4

On Wednesday Team Tui had tech.  This term I am in hard materials. Firstly I review muy cuts and markings from the week before to triple check that I was correct and straight.  Then I grabbed a backed saw to cut two cuts so that I could chisel out the middle.  The cutting was hard and took me about 20 minutes but I got through in the end. Secondly I grabbed a razor sharp chisel from the rack and  took it to our teacher Mr Grundy. He made sure it was sharp enough it was not. so he took his sharpening stone from his pocket and sharpened it into a point then I grabbed a mallet. After another twenty minutes  I had finished the chiseling.  Finally I had to sand down my second epic of wood until it fitted into the gap I chiseled out,  Then I was done for the day.