Week 7 Recount

Week 7 by Ryan


This week Team Tui was doing science. We had lots of fun following air pressure. 


The first experiment was the candle in a glass – more on that later, and the second one was the hair dryer and ping pong balls. Team Tui also did volleyball which was really enjoyable 


For the hair dryer experiment we had to turn on a hair dryer and balance a ping pong ball on the air coming out of the dryer. My group managed to get three ping pong balls on the air waves but only for a second – because the other two balls stopped the air flow – but we still managed to do it. 


For the candle glass experiment we stuck a candle bottom to the plate using candle wax then poured water into the dish. Then we lit the candle and stuck the glass over the top of the candle and some of the water. The end result was the water rising inside the cup and after a while the candle went out because there wasn’t enough oxygen.


On Thursday we played volleyball for Kelly Sports. It was really nice because in my team there were my friends and some of the best players. It was very enjoyable. We did not win any of our games but we were close.  


This week was one of the best weeks ever. Thanks to Mr Victor for teaching us this week while our teacher was away. 

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  1. Hi Ryan, it sounds as though you had a great week. I love science – it can teach you so much about how the world works. Sport is not my favourite thing but I’m glad you enjoyed volleyball – I wish I had liked sport at school too.

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